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God of War Ragnarok Digital Deluxe Edition PRE-ORDER PC (Steam Account)

You save ₹4,300

Product details

🌐 Offline Account 🌐

The account provided is meant for offline play, and you won't be able to use any online services associated with it.

✅ Licenced Version ✅

Don't worry, the game is authentic and legal since it's a licenced version.

🌍 Global Access 🌍

The account is valid for users worldwide, so people from any region can access and play the game.

🕹ī¸ Single-Player Experience 🕹ī¸

You can fully enjoy the single-player mode of the game, but you won't be able to play it online.

đŸ—Ŗī¸ Multiple Languages Supported đŸ—Ŗī¸

The game supports various languages, including English, French, German, and many others.

🆕 Always Up-to-Date 🆕

The game account will always have the latest version of the game.

🛠ī¸ Support for Issues 🛠ī¸

If you face any errors or login problems, the account owner assures you support to resolve them.

🔒 DRM Protection 🔒

Due to the DRM protection of the game, there might be a waiting period for activation, especially during the first week after the game's release.


  • ❌ No Digital Key ❌
  • You won't receive a digital key for activation; instead, you'll get access to the account with the purchased game.
  • đŸšĢ No Third-Party Programmes
  • đŸšĢ You don't need any third-party programmes to activate the account.
  • 👤 Account Ownership 👤
  • Remember, the account remains under the ownership of the original owner, and you're just getting access to the game. Don't mess with account security settings or do anything unnecessary.
  • đŸšĢ No Sharing or Transferring đŸšĢ
  • It's not allowed to activate the game on multiple devices or share the account data with others.
  • ❌ No Refunds ❌
  • Sorry, there are no refunds available after purchase. However, if the account doesn't work, we will replace it for you.


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